M&I Systems, CO. supporting the Generator 2.0 mission

May 26, 2019

Generator 2.0is one of the most important projects that Societe Generale Bank in Serbia uses to stimulate the innovation culture, entrepreneurship and innovative business. This year’s Generator 2.0 contest is aimed at entrepreneurs and small and midsize companies registered in Serbia that want to digitally transform their business. The three winners will receive consulting support in the process of digital transformation of business using digital technologies.

The 20 selected semifinalists will participate in creative workshops and work with the Generator 2.0 team of experts to define the further direction of their business, recognize new business opportunities, and acquire various skills necessary for the development of business in the digital economy.

M&I Systems, Co. is a part of the team of transformers, companies that have offered their expertise in digital transformation of business within the Generator 2.0 competition launched by Societe Generale Bank.