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The webinar is addressed to people who, on the one hand, want to broaden their knowledge and get to know the latest trends in production planning and scheduling and, on the other hand, assess the suitability of specialized APS class tools in their daily work. Gain knowledge without leaving your home or office and invest in yourself without incurring any costs, because participation in the webinar is free.

During the webinar you will learn:

What is the impact of specialized APS systems on the functioning of the organization and where is their place?
What limitations should be taken into account and what is crucial in building an effective production plan?
How to effectively achieve business objectives based on advanced technologies and a precise production plan?
What guarantees the awareness of individual stages of the production process?
How to verify a schedule and evaluate it in terms of the achieved KPIs?
What can an effective “what-if” simulation protect you against?
Is the painless implementation of lean manufacturing, heijunka or kanban principles possible?
How to increase competitiveness and ensure a quick return on investment?
Why is it good to support the ERP system with more specialized tools?
How does the improvement of the plan affect the functioning of the entire company?
Is it possible to increase production efficiency with limited production capacities?
What is the optimal production plan and how to take care of it?
How to prepare for the implementation of the APS system, are we are ready for it and what to look for when choosing a business partner?

Why attend?

You will learn the ways to eliminate bottlenecks and use 100% production capacity. You will see in practice how to easily optimize retooling, improve timeliness and shorten the lead times. During the meeting you will be able to ask questions - we promise that we will not leave them unanswered.

Our experts are at your disposal. Define your needs - we will do the rest.

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