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Customer relationship development and support

In the era of active digitalization, a business can become isolated in this ruthless environment if it does not have strong IT support. Our vision is not to be merely support and/or maintenance, but a reliable partner and a peer in the development and improvement of your business. We want to join you in recognizing and overcoming obstacles imposed by the environment and develop solutions which will make both our businesses leaders in the market and in the environment. Our capable team successfully supports over 250 clients every day, 24h, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, efficiently and quickly responding to requests and overcoming challenges.

Available support channels:

CRM portal
Call center
Remote access

Our mission is to meet every task, every user, and every client with high quality, as well as to achieve efficiency and effectiveness. Our goal is to help each of our clients complete their work day feeling satisfied and carefree. We have therefore enabled a flexible way of negotiating the necessary level of support with a clause which stipulates the quarterly adjustment and change of the agreed upon level of support, in accordance with the client’s objective needs and wishes. In addition, as our client always comes first, all the contracted benefits which the client does not use in the quarterly period can be transferred to the following period.