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M&I Systems, Co. Group has roots dating back to 1991 when the flagship comapny of the Group was founded. In the following years other companies joined so M&I Systems, Co. Group is now consisted of 7 companies:

M&I Systems, Co. (Novi Sad and Belgrade, Serbia)
M&I Systems, Co. GmbH (Graz, Austria)
M&I Systems, Co. (Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
TIAC (Novi Sad, Serbia)
Process Intelligence (Split, Croatia)
DocDep (Philadelphia, United States)
Robotiq.ai (Zagreb, Croatia)

By following modern market concepts and trends that include machine learning, artificial intelligence, intelligent analytics and process automation, as well as its own mission, vision, and business strategy, the Group offers business transformation to companies, thus constantly creating new opportunities for improvement, innovation and growth. The main business activities of the Group are focused on product development, implementation, technological services, consulting services, and support services. By developing advanced technologies that keep pace with and shape the world of information technologies, M&I Systems, Co. Group has become a regional leader in the field of business software over time and is now in the center of business and technological revolution.

With 200 employees in 5 countries, a large number of consultants coming from different business areas and universities, modern technologies, and numerous partnerships in Europe and USA, M&I Systems, Co. Group is constantly working on improving the existing and developing new products, following global IT trends.

By leading and supporting companies in the development of new business models, optimization, and implementation of more efficient business processes, M&I Systems, Co. Group offers companies a chance to take advantage of global and local opportunities and become a Digitial Enterprise. More than 400 companies and other organizations have recognized and chosen M&I Systems, Co. Group as a reliable partner that can support their growth and development through long-term cooperation.