What is digitalization?

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What is digitalization?

Today, 4 billion people use the Internet, which means that around 40% of the world's population are Internet users. In 1995, this number was less than 1%. The first billion Internet users was reached in 2005, the second billion in 2010, and the third billion in 2014.

The global growth-driven economy is constantly seeking new ways and solutions for new and frequently changing market needs. Digitalization has revolutionized the common, old-fashioned business practice and changed our perception of the concept of product and service itself (an apartment rental agency which has no apartments, a taxi company that has no vehicles, etc.).

It enables both individuals and companies to distinguish themselves, achieve success and constantly thrive – all by working together.

Digitalization has brought good things, but many problems and challenges have been created in the process. However, that is precisely why progress has been very fast and unpredictable – major challenges and problems produce great solutions.