Why is it great to be a part of the M&I Team?

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Why is it great to be a part of the M&I team?

The story of M&I began almost three decades ago, when a few enthusiasts who believed their ideas would one day change the IT market for the better founded the company. Those ideas and values are still alive today, and their dreams and goals are achieved by the M&I team.

M&I Systems, Co. Group is made up of more than 200 employees in 5 countries, working every day to improve our portfolio, develop new ideas and achieve new goals. By focusing on the same goal, having the knowledge on and experience in a large number of business processes and industries, products, services and solutions that enable business automation and business model transformation, a large number of references on the regional market has been achieved. Almost three decades on the market are reflected in a diverse portfolio, projects with companies that are the market leaders in their fields, and partnerships with the world’s top IT companies. All this gives our employees a constant opportunity to learn, follow trends from the business world, participate in different stages of business cooperation, and thus the opportunity to develop their careers.

Working at M&I means working in a dynamic environment where effort is appreciated, while progress, constant learning and knowledge exchange are made possible. We encourage creativity and self-initiative in one another; we solve challenges, because solutions are our common future; all this in an excellent working atmosphere with feedback culture and mutual trust and respect.

Our employees have the opportunity to enjoy everyday activities at M&I, while working on both their personal and professional growth.
From an early age, sport teaches us about discipline, why and how to always be prepared for the unexpected, how to be a team leader, but also how to follow others. Sport is an important part of our corporate culture and values that we foster. For years, M&I has traditionally been sponsoring and supporting the Ice Hockey Club Vojvodina. In addition, by participating in charity events, such as the NS Business Run and IT Relay, our team contributes to improving the quality of life of those who need it most.
Digitization has had such a major impact on the existing and deeply rooted business model that the changes have become an integral part of our professional and private everyday life. In order to keep pace with these changes, adapt to them, become aware of and use all the opportunities they bring, M&I fosters growth and development of employees through internal and external training, as well as knowledge exchange.
Since we all have different rhythms, flexible working hours make it possible for our employees to balance their personal and professional lives. Thanks to flexible working hours, work habits do not have to change much.
If someone is not feeling well or has a personal matter to attend to, they can choose to work from home.
Most of us took up a sport growing up, and some still do. By making these programs available to our employees, we offer them the opportunity to continue playing sports in addition to working, thus maintaining a balanced life through physical activity.
Following global trends only from the office is not always possible. By organizing, attending and actively participating in different conferences and meetups, M&I Systems, Co. Group makes it possible for its employees to keep pace with new trends in the world of IT, as well as to create those trends themselves. We provide companies that are our long-term partners with support and provide our clients with additional value through acquired knowledge and new ideas.
Small theme social gatherings that foster team spirit and communication between teams. Employees’ creativity is also encouraged, giving them the opportunity to include their hobbies in the business environment and share their passion with their colleagues. In addition, the teams that do not work together day-to-day have an opportunity to get to know each other, employees get a chance to try out new activities they would otherwise miss, or simply spend a pleasant afternoon and round off the workweek with their colleagues.
Team building activities are there to remind us of the importance of togetherness and common goals. Through new experiences, entertainment, sports activities, being in nature, abroad or simply hanging out outside of the office, we are strengthening the team and competitive spirit and interpersonal relationships, improving communication, reducing stress, taking risks and responsibilities, planning and managing changes, working on creative problem solving and decision making. Positive energy and strength of the collective are developed, because the strength of a team is always greater than the sum of the individual potentials of each team member.
In the era of fast-paced lives, we sometimes need to be reminded to take care of ourselves and pay attention to our vitamin intake. For this reason, we encourage our employees to take enough vitamins a couple of times a month.
Through this recreational activity, our employees are reminded that they should be active and try to neutralize the consequences of sitting at work every day. Every 15 minutes, they are free to take a break, rest their eyes from radiation and the computer screen, do several exercises in the office, and then get back to work with renewed energy and better focus.