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For specific business processes that make your company stand out from the rest, we have developed a BI solution that enables the continuous monitoring of business activities: analyzing and reporting, measuring performance using key indicators, and the dynamic, quick and easy detection of their variance from planned values. BI solutions are based on Data Warehouse, modeled according to specific business processes and challenges that clients wish to overcome, and the goals they intend to realize.

Thanks to the expertise of our employees in various BI domains and their knowledge of various business processes, we effectively cover the realization of all activities in creating a business intelligent environment – from business analysis, defining KPIs, developing specification through to integrating source systems, centralizing the data warehouse, and developing a business model, to the presentation of target data and information, and in that way creating an optimal solution for the client. Using different forms of visualization and presentation, also available on a mobile platform, the BI solution can actively support operative, tactical, and strategic decision-making.

What are the benefits?

In addition to the usual benefits brought about by using a BI system in a business environment, a BI solution developed according to specific client demands enables applying BI techniques to processes that are specific, often slow to change, and have no performance feedback in order to indicate the actual status, increase reactive agility, and ultimately provide all stakeholders with accurate information on the results and activities in the observed process.