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BRAIN is a solution for proactive business performance management that provides real-time insight into a company’s business operations. With predefined metrics, KPIs, and dashboards for different business functions, decision makers will be able to access data in a manner and format suitable to their position. Using different analytical models and visualization forms, information and knowledge are exchanged on all required organization levels, which enables business decisions to be made quickly and reliably, as well as taking timely action.

What are the benefits?

Business transparency in real time
Faster, more precise, and enriched role-based analysis
A faster and smoother decision making process
Higher quality and more intelligent business decisions
Reduced pressure on IT
A change in the corporate culture from reactive to proactive
Higher customer satisfaction
Higher employee productivity and satisfaction
Improved operational efficiency
Cost reduction
Increased revenues
Improved business performance
BRAIN’s main characteristics provide an insight into these parameters, as well as numerous other parameters, depending on your business activities and requirements:
Predefined metrics, KPI, and dashboards
For a comprehensive analysis of business performance according to key business functions.
Predefined data sets
For ad-hoc analysis and data research.
A graphical interface with the most important reports and visualizations, customized for users and their positions.
Self-service analytics
An intuitive and interactive interface for data access, visualization, analysis, and sharing the obtained information.
Temporal analysis animation
Animation of the temporal dimension with the aim of identifying business trends.
The possibility of displaying geodata on interactive maps.
360 drill
Drilling information to its relevant details and discovering a numerical background.
Automated distribution
The distribution of reports, dashboards, and documents to a large number of users in an automated and personalized manner. Enables the on-time delivery of information for making timely and intelligent decisions.
Variances and alarms
Signalization for end users in the case of variances from defined KPIs.
Mobile platform
Reports and dashboards available on a mobile platform; fully interactive, with the aim of analyzing and decision-making on the fly.
Real-time analytics