Implementation of the SAP solutions

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Implementation of the SAP solutions

The primary objectives of the SAP solution implementation are:

The implementation of an integrated business solution that provides the basis for timely decision-making.
The introduction of the best practice in the world when it comes to the integration of business activities for a specific industry through SAP system modules.
The standardization of business processes and reporting.

In order to achieve the above objectives, the appropriate strategy must be applied:

Complete commitment and support of the top management of the company for which the implementation is performed
Continuous control and monitoring of:
The project scope
The project plan
Project standards and procedures
Control of requests for project scope change
Quality control
Change management, being a key factor when it comes to project success

Key factors that will decide the effectiveness of the SAP project realization:

Support of the company’s top management
Project management and project methodology (ASAP)
Change management

In M&I Systems,Co. special emphasis is placed on ASAP (Accelerated SAP) project methodology, according to which, the implementation is performed in the following stages: