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Process Intelligence

Process Intelligence is based on consulting expertise in the area of managing business processes, an expertise that was obtained through years of consulting work on the Croatian and regional markets. The foundations of Process Intelligence are set on the ARIS technological solutions, and years of experience in working with numerous renowned companies and public institutions. Business Intelligence consultants are certified ARIS professionals. The focus of business operations is placed on Business Process Management (BPM), namely BPM is based on a process model. Consulting services provided are thoroughly technologically and methodologically determined. They are determined by the ARIS technological platform, the ARIS methodological approach, and the ARIS concept.

Why Process Intelligence?

Business Process Management (BPM) has its own lifecycle. Controlling business processes and continuously monitoring the progression of business processes is an integral part of that lifecycle. The Process Intelligence concept is the most advanced and the most innovative approach when it comes to controlling business processes and even managing business processes in general. This concept is not only based on answering the question “What is going on with our business processes?”, but on answering the question “Why is this happening?” as well.

By applying the Business Intelligence concept you will obtain an objective image of the performance of your business processes, reasons why certain Key Performance Indicators (KPI) of your business processes are the way they are, and of the “behavior” of your business processes! In a sea of data, the Business Intelligence concept enables you to recognize the right ones – to recognize the cause amongst numerous symptoms!

The Business Intelligence expertise covers: ARIS, BPM, BPA, Process optimization, Enterprise Architecture, Process Intelligence & Perfirmance Management, GRC, Process Governance.

Process Intelligence is the authorized partner of Software AG.