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The story of M&I began almost three decades ago, when a few enthusiasts who believed their ideas would one day change the IT market for the better founded the company. One of these enthusiasts was professor Neđo Balaban PhD, who has been sharing his ideas, passion and love for information technologies with the students from the Faculty of Economics Subotica (study program: Business Information Systems) for years.

Today, these ideas and values live on, and their dreams and goals are brought to life by the M&I team made up of more than 180 employees, some of whom were students of professor Neđo Balaban PhD, during his teaching career. The professor has devoted his entire career to professional and personal development, selfless sharing of knowledge, and to his colleagues and students. He greatly appreciated effort, proactivity, as well as mutual trust and respect, as the basis of any cooperation. He enjoyed overcoming various challenges imposed by the market, and sometimes the students themselves.

The Prof. Neđo Balaban PhD Foundation was founded with the aim to instill these values, award success and encourage proactivity, creativity and innovation in students. The Foundation grants a scholarship to two students from the Business Information Systems study program at the Faculty of Economics Subotica.