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RPA – Robotic Process Automation

Every day, employees perform hundreds of business tasks and processes that require accuracy and speed, but do not necessarily require decision-making. These activities tend to be prone to errors and are a source of frustration for employees. The use of robots for day-to-day business activities, i.e. robotic business automation increases profitability, while simultaneously improving the accuracy of your organization’s business. Designed to work on a wide range of repetitive tasks, software robots interpret, perform activities independently, and communicate with other systems, just like people. A robot never sleeps and it makes no mistakes.

Software robots are easily trained and integrated into any system. They are constantly reporting on their progress, thereby increasing operational and business predictability. The most suitable processes for RPA have a lot of structured data transactions with a relatively static processing path, which does not change often and has firm business rules. RPA is oriented towards business users who do not need to have advanced IT knowledge, does not require any programming skills and does not have a code. It relies on existing application functionalities and adopts the current employee mode of operation.
Return of Investment (ROI)
From 30% to 200% within one year
Resource optimization
The automation of routine tasks makes it possible for employees to freely perform more important jobs. By focusing on making decisions and serving customers who require decisions made by people, employees become more efficient (>60% reduction in physical work).
Cost reduction
A low-cost and quick way to resolve a growing number of compliance requirements and bureaucracy in which no human intervention is needed.
Productivity increase
Continuous automated process execution (24/7/365).
Risk reduction
When the processes are performed smoothly, additional validations are unnecessary, which saves money and time.