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Our strategy does not entail short-term development projects. However, we know that there is a possibility that some prospective clients will want to “try out” our abilities before deciding on long-term cooperation with our team, and in these cases, there is a possibility of engaging our team for a short-term project. Our engagements tend to be long-term; all administrative obligations (onboarding, office space, management) regarding employees are covered by the engagement. Most of our work is based in Novi Sad, which is a university city, and our employees have excellent knowledge of the English language.


Programming languages: JavaScript, TypeScript, C#, Java, C++, Python, PHP
Mobile platforms: Android / Java, iOS / ObjectiveC & Swift, App Store, Test Flight, Google Play
JS environments and libraries: Angular 2-6, Jquery, Knockout, React, Durandal, Bootstrap
Databases: MongoDB, SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2, Informix, Redis, CDN
Concept and approach: RESTful API, Microservices, Unit testing
Application servers: NodeJS, Tomcat, IIS, Azure
Tools: Trello, Jira, Redmine, Jenkins, Git, GitHub, TFS

What makes us stand out are our cross-technology teams. This service is ideal for situations in which a company has one software working with one technology and wishes to acquire a new software working with a different technology, or if there is a need for different parts of the system to be implemented using different technologies. In addition to technology, partners in outsourcing must have the environment and tools that support the development process, therefore, all of our projects have a customized “setup” depending on the given requirements.

Cooperation model

Outsourcing development no longer means that the provider will simply receive the complete specification, upon which the source code is delivered. When a company is looking for a high-quality outsourcing partner, the technology is just one of the parameters taken into consideration. Seeing how technology changes and develops very quickly, it is usually not the decisive parameter. Today, companies expect an outsourcing partner that will follow them in developing ideas and performing analyses and concepts, and that will ultimately deliver a tested out software that produces value.

We support several models of cooperation, with the two basic models being:

Remote team (our team is included in the client’s team; processes are completely customized; most managerial activities are performed on the client’s side; the risk of creating maximum outcome is also on the client’s side; lower prices)
Project development (the complete development process is covered by our team; the team is formed based on project demands; managerial activities are performed on our side; risk of producing value is on our side; higher prices).

These two models are usually not the only options, and the cooperation model is a combination of the two. The initial parameters change over time:

Trust increases
Less input information produces more results
The process is synchronized
The scope of cooperation increases

All of these elements lead to the conclusion that the real model becomes established after a certain period of cooperation.

Outsourcing partner

Companies often expect the outsourcing cooperation to resolve all of their development problems. Transferring all the challenges of development to the outsourcing partner does not imply better results. Outsourcing is a partnership regardless of the distance, technology, or business model. Without including all the important parameters and without investing enough energy, the outcome cannot be guaranteed. The recipe for success is simple: no secrets, no magic, no luck. Choosing the right partner (link to: http://www.tiacgroup.com/) is all it takes.

Why M&I?

M&I has a very low fluctuation of employees, less than 10% per year. Our employees are loyal to M&I and M&I is loyal to its employees. We do not practice transferring highly-qualified employees from one project, i.e. one client, to another project/client, which is common practice in other companies. Unlike some companies that are headquartered in Asia, M&I is based in Europe and our time zone is the same as in Paris and Frankfurt and overlaps with the United States east coast.

M&I has existed since 1991 and in its business operations it has already established and successfully tested practices in the areas of development, implementation, and support when it comes to business software, including the areas of business intelligence, business processes, financial technology, and SAP. With the aim of achieving the most effective project realization, our team conducts an ambassador program where M&I’s employees are sent to the client’s company for a period of 1 to 3 months in order to get to know the client’s business operations and employees as much as possible. We encourage our clients to regard our employees as their own, and also to send their employees to Novi Sad so they can work with the M&I team directly. We believe this exchange leads to much better results.