Process intelligence (PI)

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If key indicators of business performance suggest that your processes are not operating with maximum efficiency, the first question is where to start improving. Without clearly understanding each business process – not only at the level of design or implementation, but also at the level of detailed execution – you will not have a real insight into the basic causes of inefficiency. Find the bottlenecks and close the gaps by tracking the process performance.

What are the benefits?

By using process-oriented technologies and procedure models, the Process Intelligence solution enables the defining of process goals and simultaneous measuring, monitoring, analysis, and optimization of “as executed” business processes in real-time. The technological solution for process intelligence is based on ARIS solutions – ARIS Process Performance Manager (ARIS PPM) and Aris MashZone. Such technological solutions enable the following functionalities:
Internal and external data analysis for the purposes of improving data sharing (strategic dashboarding)
Automatic identification of business processes for the purposes of achieving a higher level of transparency (process discovery)
Historical data analysis for the purposes of recognizing and removing flaws (process analytics)
Process benchmarking for the purposes of analyzing and recognizing the best internal practice
Business Activity Monitoring for the purposes of quickly recognizing and solving problems
Organizational analysis for the purposes of discovering actual team structures (Networking)
Complex analysis of process activities (Complex Event Processing)
Discover the end-to-end processes from ERP, CRM, and other systems, automatically
Track and analyze the performance and structure of business processes
Identify the best business practices and actual optimization measures
Optimize team and cooperation structures
Simply analyze the variations in standard processes
Model as-is processes providing an insight into the actual visualization of processes

What are the functionalities?

The concept of Process Intelligence brings about a brand new, almost revolutionary combination of corporate and process control at the strategic, tactical, and operative level. If the KPIs (time, cost, amount, risk, etc.) deviate from expected values, the causes can be analyzed within business processes. In this way, corrective action can be taken instantly, in real-time, before the critical indicators start affecting the company’s business.