Corporate SAP rollout

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Corporate SAP rollout

Corporate rollout stands out as one of the possible directions in implementing the SAP ERP solution. It is representative of companies that want systematic software solutions for their business processes in all countries they operate in.

The two most frequent rollout implementations are:

Adopting the entire solution of the parent company by adjusting the solution to the requirements of local legislation of the country where the solution is being implemented, and
Adopting the key business processes of the parent company and the flexibility in adopting the specifics of individual markets, as well as the requirements of local legislation.

According to our experience, the key to success in implementing these solutions is mostly dependent on change management. The following stand out:

Determination and commitment of the parent company to the project, as well as dedication to implementing the adopted corporate solution
Flexibility and preparedness for changes in companies for which the global solution is being implemented (daughter companies)
Expertise and the ability of the implementer to guide all participants through the process in the easiest and simplest way possible.

The rollout implementation itself adheres to the same principles and ASAP (Accelerated SAP) methodology as an independent SAP solution implementation. The timeframe of the project can be somewhat shortened, but that depends on the individual demands of each company.