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DocDep is an American company founded in 2008 with the aim of solving organizational problems faced by all developing companies, professional investors, and board members.

DocDep creates cloud applications that enable critical data and document management in order to achieve greater business efficiency, safe document exchange, as well as visibility of information needed by companies and their stakeholders. In addition, the applications are mutually integrated and enable cross-partner transparency of company’s complete portfolio.

The first DocDep product, Radar, was designed to be much more than a simple online document archive. Radar was created as a clearly structured organization system for online archiving of documents and information. It makes finding documents simple by using the search and sort features, clear-cut document structure, and automatic notifications.

After creating Radar, the DocDep team noticed problems that started to occur in the process of cap table management. Most companies keep cap tables in various Excel folders, which has lead to numerous problems with calculations, formulas, and content updates. Considering that cap tables are used to determine which investor gets what and how much, a product that enables precisely that was created – Smart Cap.

Sonar was created in order to provide greater administrative and organizational support to investors. Sonar is a product tasked with providing investors and investment companies (venture capital, private equity, real estate) with a clear view of their entire portfolio – financial data and documents, communication with limited partners, and everything else.